Stacky Bird

Rating : 9

in this hyper-casual arcade game you stack eggs to avoid obstacles lay a tower of eggs and run to avoid crashing your bird Progress through the colorful levels, fly to new worlds, and enjoy the rewards. featuresemploy on a quest to king spiky's castle king spiky has taken your bird get together with stacky bird on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from the castle of king spiky Stack eggs high to cut over obstacles as the square bird flies through the level. in shooty mode if you get 3 perfect landings you enter Explore new lands and collect rewards
Flap your wings and fly to new destinations. Enjoy various bonus levels to earn extra gold and secret characters, as you progress. You can use the gold to furnish your cute birdhouse with a sofa, TV, and more. Buy new skins with your gold
Playing as a bird is fun, but you can also be a turtle, chicken, pig, and many more animal friends. find your pet and take them on an adventure Compete and come back for limited events
Join the Stacky Bird competitive scene and become an egg dash expert. a daily weekly and all time leaderboard is available in addition there are limited live events such as minigames and special levels that allow you to unlock exclusive and unique characters release datejune 2022developerstacky bird was developed by kooapps the developer of the hit mobile game snake io. Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

controls to lay eggs tap or hold the space to lay eggs click or hold the mouse button to lay eggs