Soccer Challenge

Rating : 8.5

football challenge is the perfect way to get your soccer fix as the world cup season begins you must take turns positioning your counters in defense and making passes and shots to win the game in this arcade-style game based on the traditional coin-to-coin in single player 2 player or tournament mode you can select your country to represent and head straight into the action If that is not enough action for you there are buyable new teams and formations to obtain and beat them all to be victorious and win the cup. developerfootball challenge was developed by dewise studios Features

Single player, 2 player, and tournament mode
Hours of fun to play soccer with coins. You can choose different formations
Many teams to play, each with its own strength
Play up to 8 minutes in each game
Amazing finger soccer atmosphere
Buyable new teams and formations

This game is a web browser game.

Drag left mouse button on a desired coin to aim, release to shoot.