Rating : 7.8

a fun drawing game where you join dots as fast as you can you have to join them in order of number the game is timed so that you can complete all the scribbles as quickly as possible How to Play
Connect the dots
Start at the first dot and work your way toward the next number in the sequence. make sure you're heading toward the correct number after each game wil signal the next number to go so focus on this create shapesthere are all kinds of cool shapes that you can recreate in scribble like a star heart and a ship when you want to be a master at the game it's important to move quickly but steady to avoid making mistakes give yourself a scoreat the end of the game you are given a rank based on how fast you reached the finish line keep trying to improve your score and become a more accurate scribbler More Games Like This
Do you enjoy drawing and creating art from the comfort of your PC. you can find many more drawing games like scribble in the drawing category other popular games in this section are one line and car drawing features 20 fun levels simple gameplay colorful drawing kids friendlyrelease date july 2007developerscribble is developed by john cooney aka jmtb02 who also developed other great flash games like - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

Hold left mouse button/tap on your screen and hold (if you're on mobile) to start drawing.