Realistic Zombie Survival Warfare

Rating : 9.1

a bloodthirsty 3d first-person shooter game in which you must fight wave after wave of deadly and realistic zombies it's up to you to survive one wave at a time each wave presents a greater number of zombies and they're harder to kill too each zombie you kill earns money and you can use this money to buy new weapons and ammunition for the weapons you have remember to count your ammo and try not to get caught in a firefight without bullets various game modes are available and the graphics and gameplay are fun Release DateMay 2018 DeveloperMentolatux made this game. FeaturesA cool zombie-themed first-person shooterRealistic 3D graphicsScary zombie modelsSingle and multiplayer games are available6 thematic maps to playPlenty of game modes to playCustomizable room's settings, such as the number of zombies and objectsPlatformWeb browser. we also have a version for android

ControlsWASD or arrow keys to moveLeft click to shootR to reloadC to crouchE to interact12 to switch weapons.