Papa's Pizzeria

Rating : 9.2

Papa's Pizzeria is back. once again you can play papa39s pizzeria for free in your browser thanks to ruffle papa has suddenly left the town leaving you in charge of the pizzeria It's on you to take orders, add pizza toppings, put them in the oven, and cut the pizzas. work quick and make papa louie proud tell me the art of customer service and making steamy delicious pizzas fresh from the oven? take your first orders and start by adding the toppings requested next put your pizza in the oven and cook it for the specified period All that's left after that is slicing and serving your hungry customers before they get restless. manage your time effectively as the levels progress you39ll have to use your time management skills to balance taking orders and making pizzas as there will be more customers and many will have more complex order requirements if you want to make a first order you should take the orders with the longest cooking time you can focus on the next pizza and keep your customers happy with short wait times you need to be good at multi-tasking for the best advice from customers in papa39s pizzeria one of the cool features is a book of your returning customers describing their preferences every time you unlock a new regular customer you can see what their favorite pizza is More Games Like This
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Run your Papa's Pizzeria while he's away. Create pizzas from scratch and please your customers
Various toppings, timings, and slicing patterns to consider
Juggle your responsibilities as more customers flow in
Reap the rewards of baking perfect pizzas

Release Date

January 2014 (Flash)
August 2021 (Ruffle)

Flipline Studios developed this game. - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

'controls'perform all actions with the mouse