Panic Breakout

Rating : 8

it is an arcade game inspired by the popular breakout classic it follows the proven formula of breakout where you have a ball that you chase and catch constantly so it can bounce off all the blocks at the top a block will be removed from the game and some of them will drop powerups the difference is the panic factor of this game - the blocks won't stand around and wait for them to be destroyed they'll come down on you slowly until you get rid of all of them the game concludes if you lose your lives or the blocks are too low The game will have different items that'll help you along the way, including lives and power-ups that will make your catching ball even bigger, among other things. when you check the number on your catch ball you'll know how many lives you've got remaining it will make the game faster but a little more difficult because you'll have to keep an eye on multiple things on screen the platformweb browser


Mouse cursor = Collect/Move
Left mouse button = Start game/use lives.