Open 100 Doors

Rating : 8.6

it is a puzzle game where you have to find and open doors the doors have lots of tricky puzzles to solve you'll have beautiful stories to tell it will help you maintain your logical skills and ingenuity in good shape The game includes hidden objects, minigames, challenging games, and more. Lots of levels. despite the creative nature of the levels there is not a single puzzle that is repeated awesome animations this is a fun puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours the visuals are simple to look at Logical tasks. an adventure game for the whole family for children and adults it is a challenging game so you can solve a riddle or play with friends bright and attractive graphs simple game Release Date

July 2021 (Android)
August 2022 (iOS)
September 2022 (HTML5)

Open 100 Doors is made by Mirra games. have a look at the other stickman escape school game Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

controls use the mouse button to interact with the objects