Line Rider 2

Rating : 8.5

it is an awesome drawing game in which you must create a path for our awesome rider to slide along using the pencil tool you can draw lines - you can choose different types of lines such as an acceleration line and a checkpoint using your imagination you can crate strange and wonderful tracks and let your creativity run wild after creating a track you can test it using the play button - watch as our rider takes to your track and follows its course - will the track be a success or will it result in a horrific accident and it is possible to save your track designs and create as many new ideas as you can think of them bring the creative side to life today and start drawing lines the developer bostjan cadez made this game Features

More tools to be used
You can create the track as big as you want
You can place a checkpoint flag to make the rider start at the determined position

Web browser.

Left click to interact with the tools.