Four Second Frenzy

Rating : 7.7

'four second frenzy' is a cool puzzle game in which you have to complete a never-ending array of challenges depending on what you have already guessed each puzzlechallenge lasts for four seconds the puzzles are varied and cover a wide range of topics and skills requirements for example in one puzzle you have to brand a cow and in another you have to quickly park a car you must read quickly and use your brain to figure out what you have to do in a second You can only use the keyboard arrow keys and spacebar which narrows down how you can complete the challenges but you may still struggle. take on the four second frenzy today developed by john cooney aka jmtb02 in collaboration with other artists features50 playable levels3 game modes quick response and attention to detail are required in each levelplatformdesktop browser

controls use the arrow keys and the space bar to play