Emoji Puzzle!

Rating : 9.1

Emoji puzzle is a unique game featuring various puzzles based on emojis. Explore the creative and emotional associations between the emojis we use daily. Test your lateral thinking and association skills in connecting puzzles and level up your thinking!
How to Play
Find the connections
Most of the puzzles in Emoji Puzzle! Involve connecting one emoji to another until the full puzzle is complete. You connect the emojis based on the perceived connection between them. Some are more abstract than others; for example, you may connect a king with his castle, which is quite easy. However, as you progress, there may be more challenging associations, like a lion and a crown.
Explore other minigames
There are various other puzzles and minigames throughout Emoji Puzzle! There is a memory game where you reveal two cards to match the pairs, coloring in, and various special levels as you progress through the game. If you get stuck at any point, you can use the hints to discover one of the connections.
As you continue through the game, you’ll gain IQ points. You start as a baby and will level up once you accumulate enough points.
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Release Date

June 2020 (iOS)
August 2020 (Android)
January 2024 (WebGL)


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Drag the left mouse button to draw a line and connect elements from different columns.