Doodle Jump

Rating : 8.8

jump hippity up to the top in the official doodle jump game this thrill-seeking platform game has you jumping to infinity grabbing boosts and avoiding beasts on the way up Move on up. How to Play
Jump endlessly upwards
To play Doodle Jump simply move left to right to reach the platforms. press the left mouse button to shoot there's no end to the gameplay so jump for as long as possible to achieve your highest score there are several ways to move faster and increase your score in doodle jump it's the first way to use the springs to raise your little alien you'll also come across rocket boosters and a propeller hat that will propel you higher dodging obstaclesalong with boosters to propel your alien to new heights there are obstacles that add an additional challenge to the gameplay you will first encounter brown platforms that break on contact but these are a small problem aliens and black holes pose the most alarming threats to humanity keep jumping carefully to avoid headbutting someone by moving too quickly it also makes it easier to shoot them and move forward games similar gamesendless platform games are simple yet so fun that they often provide more replayability than some complex games provide square bird is also a simple platform game similar to doodle jump but with horizontal axes Features

Fun, endless gameplay
Power-ups to boost you upwards
Various obstacles that present a challenge
Seamless performance on desktop and mobile

Release Date
The initial release date is April 2009 as a mobile game, and from January 2017 can be played online. Developer
Doodle Jump was made by Lima Sky. Platforms

Web browser


Left and right arrow to move
Left click to shoot.