Doodieman Voodoo

Rating : 9.3

you must help the doodieman yes there's a character called this who shoots poop at a voodoo doll it's a real game and if this hasn't piqued your interest yet we don't know what it will be this video game is truly disgusting and it's not for the feints you have to fire poo at a voodoo dummy in various ways Doodieman will shoot poop high into the air, flip it off his head, and even bounce it across a trampoline. choose from 10 different methods and watch as doodieman covers the target with heaps of brown smear even if this game is disgusting you will find the different animations both hilarious and gross doodieman voodoo was developed by tom winkler feature11 attack options all attacks involve poop The Doodieman can sing if you click him
You can enter a name of the voodoo doll

Doodieman Voodoo is a web browser game.

controlsleft click on an attack