Cafe Panic

Rating : 8.8

this is a great game of caf management if you want to become a successful barista in a popular coffee shop you must manage the customer orders and keep everyone happy As each customer enters your shop, you must take their order – pay attention and don’t get it wrong as this will affect their satisfaction and also your tip. do your order fast otherwise customers will be impatient as you grow your reputation you can unlock new items to serve your customers your orders will become more difficult but you will also have more fun in some stages you can even unlock new coffee shops around the world have fun managing your coffee shop and see if you have what it takes to be successful from december 2017 to january 2018 the mobile apps will be available online panic was made by boomware technologies Also Known As
Cafe Panic: Cooking Restaurant

You can play either as a male or female character
Many levels to be completed, including bonus levels
Upgradeable stuff and character
Unlock more shops around the world
Stamina system


Web browser

controlsleft click on an action