Bouncy Motors

Rating : 8.7

bouncy motors is a fun car game where you drive a jelly car over different obstacles make your way to the finish line to complete the level and collect new skins along the way be extra careful while driving on ice and avoid red zones How to Play
Drive your jelly car as quickly as you can through the levels without crashing into any of the red zones or falling from the platforms. Progress through the stages as they get trickier, and earn more cash to customize your Bouncy Motor. After playing Bouncy Motors, check out some other platform games, like Stacky Bird and Ovo, for more challenging titles. a further option we have a large selection of car games to explore Features

Bounce through various levels in your jelly car. Earn more cash for completing the level quickly
Buy various skins to create a cool unique looking motor
Invite a friend to join in the fun with 2-player mode

Release Date
February 2023
Mewton Games developed Bouncy Motors. - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

PC Controls

W / up arrow key = drive forward
S / down arrow key = drive backward
A / left arrow key = rotate counterclockwise
D / right arrow key = rotate clockwise

Mobile Controls

Left joystick = drive forward and backward
Right joystick = rotate car.