10x10! Classic

Rating : 7.5

10x10. classic is the original version of this difficult puzzle game This game takes inspiration from the iconic game of Tetris and features similar gameplay mechanics – you have a 10x10 square and you must fill the square up with different colored blocks. there are different shapes and formations of the blocks and you have to rotate them and connect them together you must continue to do this and avoid the 10x10 block filling up completely once the block has filled up your game You must have quick reactions, think logically and be able to visualize how the blocks can fit – move fast and keep placing those blocks on the grid. try the cool 10x10 if you like this version Arabic title. Release Date
February 2018


Classic theme of 10x10
Tetris-style gameplay, the only difference is that you have to put the blocks on a board
Bright and dark lighting options

10x10. classic is a web browser game for mobile and desktop

use the left mouse button to place a block