Rating : 8.8

welcome to the pirate battle royale on the shore of this bootylicious island your ship has been wrecked fight other pirates and get as much treasure as possible Yohoho. an exciting online experience for the io io game where ye battle and plunder your foes. - fight for treasureyou've survived the wreckage - now fight for gold and glory traverse this dangerous island to find treasure Fight away the competition and plunder their earnings to grow your pirate bigger and score victory on Yohoho island. Hold and release to charge your dash attack. beware of toxic fumes matearrr what's this mysterious mist in the distance i'm dying Yohoho. it is a battle royale game meaning that the map shrinks due to some deadly circumstance in the present case it's a poisonous gas which consumes the region spend your hard-earned gold coinsbrowse the pirate shop and use the gold you unlawfully acquired to buy new characters some of the more expensive characters have a larger power in case you have enough gold you can also buy pets that give you health regeneration Become a seasoned pirate
Take a seat in yer cabin, stroke your beard, and sip some rum while looking at your achievements. youll find various stats on your home screen like your kill count alternatively you can sign up and log in to save your progress on different devices Features

Multiplayer battle royales
Upgradeable characters and pets
Play on desktop and mobile devices
Login to save across devices

Release Date
April 2019
Exodragon Games developed Yohoho. io. they also made a helicopter io and Defly. io. - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop


To move, use your mouse or press WASD/arrow keys
To attack, press left mouse button or space bar. hold until you launch an attack