Hunter and Props

Rating : 9

this 3d multiplayer first-person shooter game takes players on a battle of hide and seek with deadly consequences when you're playing you're either a hunter or prop a prop you must find a suitable hiding place and then transform it into a prop such as a chair or a table in a room you're about to participate in the most epic prop hunt you've ever had you must try to remain still and also choose an object that doesn39t look out of place if you are a hunter it is your job to sniff out the prop players and eliminate them - move around the complex and try to determine which objects are real and which are actually human players hiding watch the layout of the rooms and try to memorize the objects whether you're a hunter or just a prop have fun and conquer the arena whatever you choose release date the first date of release for the unity web player is july 2014 the game was updated to use webgl in december 2017 developerhunter and props is developed by dimofan and kashlya and published on crazygames FeaturesYou can become the hunter or propYou can play on various mapsA lot of objects can be mimicked if you are playing a propThe hunter is equipped with a prop detector that is extremely useful to find nearby propsPlatformsWeb browserAndroid.

press space bar to jump press e to mimic an object press the right mouse button to change the direction of the mouse