Rating : 8.9

fishington? this multiplayer fishing game features characters from the betrayal game io. cast your line and catch fish for sale Create an account to complete quests, level up, and save your progress. How to Play
Catch fish
Join all the other Fishington. io players on the boardwalk to catch fresh fish like Crappies and Perch. just cast your line at the desired level and wait for the fish to bite the bait when catching fish the key is to hold the hook and tap to keep it in the green zone after some struggling the bar fills up and the fish is yours to sell at the fishing shop you can view all the species of fish you have caught on the wiki Upgrade your gear
Catching and selling fish is how you earn money and level up in Fishington. as soon as you have earned enough money and reached the required level you can buy new gear in the fishing store like baskets and rods invite a friendfishington is an online multiplayer game so that you can invite your friends to play with you copy the code in the top left corner to invite them to your game by logging into your account you will be able to complete quests and save progress featurescatch various species of fish and sell them on the market complete quests level up and upgrade your fishing gear Player leaderboard allows you to complete with other fishers
Real-time multiplayer io game that you can play with friends

Release Date
March 2021

End Game Studios made Fishington. io. the platformweb browser


Move: WASD or arrow keys
Fish: left mouse button.