Rating : 8.8

warcall a fantasy battle royale game where champions fight in a large multiplayer arena using various melee weapons How to Play
Fight in a fiercely competitive arena
Fight against other players for gold and upgrades as the map decreases in size. Click the left mouse button to attack and hold it to dash and attack enemies from a distance. Find upgrades and level up your hero
Stay alert for loot chests throughout the arena. Find them to collect gold and other loot. some gemstones and runes are used to upgrade your gear gain more poweryou will unlock new equipment that increases your power as you increase You’ll be able to increase your health, damage, resistance, speed, and more to ensure you’re the last champion standing on the battlefield. buy a new and unique champion do you prefer to tank use magic or play fast and evasively? there are different champions you can buy with their own advantages you never know what you're going to get More Games Like This
Browse our. io games and battle royale games for many more exciting multiplayer battles. other popular online games include battle royale dudes 1v1 io, and Zombs Royale. this game was developed by night steed games by the same developer who made evowars io. - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop


Left mouse button to attack (hold to charge)
Right mouse button to use special attack.