Taiga Car Driver

Rating : 8.9

test your kamaz driving skills taiga car driver is a highly realistic truck driver game similar to russian car driver zil 130 driving a kamaz truck you have to do various missions around the harsh winter weather of taiga the graphics of this amazing title are amazing - users feel as if they are driving through the harsh siberian countryside watch the beautiful scenery while driving but keep an eye on the roads and concentrate currently roads are covered in snow and ice - this will affect the driving conditions and handling of vehicles as a result of extreme conditions in the taiga forest users must take care of their driver stop and spend a night at the truck hotel to regain energy take a look at the heat and check the driver's body temperature it's an unforgiving landscape make sure you also go to the garage to upgrade your car as the driver level increases your ability to buy new accessories and equipment for your truck make it easier to protect against weather damage and add items to prevent it Also change the paint job. in this open-world taiga car driving game the possibilities are endless the taiga car driver is developed by falco software and can only be played on crazygames com. Features

Delivery and climbing missions
Upgradeable truck, along with customizable cosmetics
Set in Taiga, Siberia, a big and wintery location
Hunger, fatigue, and cold levels that need to be maintained
Gas system
Day and night cycle

Web browser.


WASD or arrow keys to move
Shift to run
1-6 to switch items
Enter to enter/exit the truck
F to enter buildings
C to change camera view (in the truck)
M to enlarge maps
L to switch truck's lights on/off
P to pause the game.