Night City Racing

Rating : 8.2

Night City Racing is a car-driving game with fantastic races, epic stunts, and awesome supercars. please take part in different races and unique challenges Use the cash to buy flashy new cars. show your friends who is the best racer in two-player mode or fly solo and take home the trophy how to playrace against the competitionget in the driver's seat and tackle some of the world's best sports cars head-on the 16 racing challenges to complete increase in difficulty as you progress in these exciting races you can take on anything from the tricky corners of the city streets to the open landscapes of an airport make some extra money by completing five fun challenges you'll race against an airplane and against the clock to the finish line on a range of obstacle-laced tracks if you're successful the money will flow to your bank account go stunt crazy in the open-world free-driving mode make a little money doing epic stunts and speeding around without limits in an open arena filled with ramps and other stunt-worthy objects you can buy and upgrade a supercaruse all the gold coins you have earned as a reckless steering-wheel protagonist to expand your supercar collection tune the engine and the brakes Put on some flashy new wheels. Treat yourself to a two-toned paint job. city racing puts you in the driver seat More Games Like This
CrazyGames has a vast selection of car and racing games, so once you’ve finished Night City Racing, check them out. one who is popular right now is mr Racer. another excellent game of racing is turbo stars rival racing rhm interactive developed night city racing for android and webgl browser android

If playing one player

WASD / arrow keys = move
R-Shift / L-Shift = NOS
R = restart car position
T = look back
C = change camera view

If playing two player
Player 1

Arrow keys = move
O = restart car position
L = look back
K = change camera view

Player 2

WASD = move
L-Shift = NOS
R = restart car position
T = look back
C = change camera view.