Racing Limits

Rating : 8.8

rally limits is a racing game that allows you to push your skills to the maximum potential Race and overtake vehicles in city and highway traffic with four thrilling game modes: carrier, infinite, against-time, and free mode. Choose between one-way and two-way traffic, and experience three times of day - 'Morning,' 'Sunset,' and 'Night. this is a high-speed adventure you won't want to miss with multiple camera angles sensitive controls and realistic physics you can customize the upgrade and take on numerous race events in this graphically stunning racing world Release Date

March 2018 (iOS)
April 2018 (Android)
November 2023 (WebGL)


Web browser


Up arrow key to accelerate
Down arrow key to decelerate
Left and right arrow keys to steer
C to change the camera view
F to use nitro
E to horn
W to gear up in manual gear mode
D to gear down in manual gear mode
ESC to quit current progress.