City Car Driving Simulator: Online

Rating : 8.9

city car driving simulator online is a multiplayer driving game in dynamic urban landscapes customize your ride visually and mechanically then hit the streets to earn money by pushing your skills to the limit engage in heart-pounding pursuits with law enforcement outmaneuvering relentless cops to prove that you39re the ultimate outlaw invent your own stunt-filled playgrounds throughout the city and unleash your creativity team up with friends or challenge rivals in intense online multiplayer action racing drifting and competing with players from around the world in real-time date of release january 2024platformweb browser


WASD / arrow keys : Vehicle control
Space: Handbrake
Left Shift: Boost
C: Change camera
B: Look back
I: Start stop engine
L: Low beam headlights
K: High beam headlights
Q / E / Z: Indicators
H: Horn

Creativity Mode

1 / 2 / 3 / 4: Object rotation
Q / E: Camera elevation
F: Place object
R: Snap object
G: Reset object rotation
Backspace: Delete object
Space: Freeze / unfreeze object.