Rating : 8.7

this fps multiplayer shooting game takes you on heart-pounding desert adventures embark in high-speed battles outsmart rivals and feel an adrenaline rush the game modes can be customized to dominate in order to gain the upper hand use powerful vehicles such as helicopters and armored vehicles innovative sound effects and stunning graphics transport you to the desert gather some of your friends and prepare for a thrilling multiplayer battle in sandstrike what if you conquered the desert and won? developersandstrikejune 2023 release date it was developed by lee zak - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop


WASD or arrow keys = Move
Mouse = Aim / Shoot / Switch weapons
Left Mouse Button = Shoot
1, 2, and 3 = Change the weapon
Space = Jump
Shift = Crouch
E = Enter / Exit vehicle


Use the virtual controllers to move and aim the weapon
Tap the buttons to jump, shoot, and change the weapon.