Room Clicker

Rating : 9

this is an awesome idle clicker game with a simple premise there's a place in the room where you can click to earn money click as fast as you want to earn money the more quickly you click the better purchasing various upgrades as you progress How to Play
Click anywhere in the room to generate cash. you can buy a variety of upgrades to make more money you have to pay more to buy the upgrades with certain levels you can change the appearance of objects in your room to make it more attractive Have fun with the Room Clicker. More Games Like This
Did you enjoy Room Clicker. try one of our clicker games there are many popular games you can also try newer games like capybara clicker and planet clicker 2 if you like it features simple graphics and a simple interface eight upgradeable objects new objects39 appearance day and night cyclerelease date december 2018 developerminimunstudios developed this game browser android

controlpress the mouse button to play