Idle House Build

Rating : 8.9

'idle house build' is a clicker game where you build houses and improve your skills Place a brick with every click and use builders to speed up the building process, allowing you to earn money while idling. How to Play
Click to build your house—brick by brick. every brick you build rewards you with income and you get additional money for each home you build upgradesyou can buy upgrades and additional builders to speed up the process and earn more money upgrades allow you to make more money per brick more bricks per click and increase the size of your house there's a way to increase your offline earnings buildersbuilders are your way of automating the idle house-building process at a specified time interval each builder adds a certain amount of bricks as these builders are upgraded the number of bricks added to them increases at each interval more idle and clicker gamesbrowse the idle and clicker game collection for more addictive web games Popular alternatives from these sections include Planet Clicker 2, Merge Pickaxe, and Road Crash. Features

Click to add bricks and build a house
Hire builders to construct the houses automatically
Boosts help you earn more money faster
Various upgrades to help you make more

Release Date
June 2022
Ctrl4ltDel made Idle House Build. - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

control use the mouse to place the bricks