Planet Clicker 2

Rating : 9.2

Planet Clicker 2 is a clicker game where you increase energy production and expand to new planets. get up to date with your energy production to keep up in this second version of the game there are several new features and planets Harvest the power of the planets
Use the planets and all of their resources to produce more energy units. each new planet unlocks more technology and more production capacity there are many new planets to explore in planet clicker 2 Humble beginnings
Much like the original Planet Clicker, you start on Earth. Here, you can increase the production of energy by enhancing your clicking power, building farms, power plants, and other basic human industries. when you fly beyond the earth the spice starts to flow on mars you'll find new ways to harvest energy like nuclear oil and even martian technology every planet you reach has strange new technologies to tap into Features

Colonize the solar system
Explore several new planets and technologies
Earn quantities of energy units beyond human comprehension
Enjoy crisp graphics on desktop and mobile devices

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controls use the mouse button on planets to generate energy