More Ore

Rating : 9.3

it is an incremental idle game with rpg elements buy buildings for workers and unlock new technologies to improve ore production How to Play More Ore
Smash rocks to earn ore
Click on the rock repeatedly to earn ore. One of the first upgrades you should buy is the fragility spectacles. this identifies weak spots on the rock and gives you combos that increase the multiplier of the effect collect loot from bags there's a chance for loot to drop from every rock you destroy normally pickaxes are used to mine faster You’ll also find gold nuggets that fall from the rock, collect these to earn more ores. if you click the gold gift icon on the left you'll get a random reward that can significantly increase your progress build an mining societyyou can use the mined ore to buy new buildings such as stone huts schools farms quarries church and factories all of these buildings automatically automate the mining of ore and give you various buff options to increase its output you can create refined ore in the factory search for new technologiesthere are various new technologies that can help you for research you can choose how much mining power you want a good upgrade to start with is the research power-up which allows you to increase your research power and get new technology faster Features

Mine ore from rocks and use it to buy upgrades
Unlock new technologies using your research power
Build a society of mining-enthusiasts who put in the work for you
Random loot drops with the chance of finding rare items

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Idle games are highly engaging and addictive, which is why they’re so popular. Check out Planet Clicker 2 and dominate the solar system with the power of idling and clicking. Idle Breakout and Idle Mining Empire are two other great games like this too. release date may 2021developermore ore is developed by syn the platformweb browser

use controls left-click to mine the ore