Planet Clicker

Rating : 8.9

planet clicker is a simple clicker game in which your goal is to increase energy production and colonize other planets buy energy production equipment and watch the units run clicker 2 has more planets and updated graphics How to Play
Colonize the solar system
Planet Clicker starts with Earth and a variety of energy upgrades. You can increase the production of energy by enhancing your clicking power, building farms, power plants, and more. once you have enough energy from earth you can buy mars via interplanetary energy unit transfer The red planet comes with a set of new upgrades like solar oil, coal, nuclear, and alien technology. Venus
The final planet is Venus, which costs 1 trillion energy units to purchase. various technologies like iron lava and the mysterious future technology upgrade that sits at the bottom of the list are on this planet these are some of the most addictive games on the internet that means you have a choice among other classic titles to check out when you have conquered the solar system are clicker heroes and doge miner development plan clicker is developed by coltroc - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

controlsleft-click on the planets to generate energy