Narrow One

Rating : 9

Narrow. pelican party studios has developed one online archery game fighting with your trusty bow and arrow in fast-paced battles protect and capture the flag in 14 unique levels and invite your friends to join in Narrow One - Fun, Arrow-Based Combat. use your best aiming skills to accurately shoot down enemies on the battlefield using the archer weapon of choice capture the flag and work with your team to win various maps to play and study to find the perfect strategic advantage are available can you invite your friends to join your squad and sign up to save all the loot you get in narrow 1 there are extensive settings to create a comfortable playing experience and a detailed character customization menu where you can customize your player's appearance browse our other popular multiplayer fps games like ev io, Pixel Warfare, and Kirka for more fast-paced action. we also have an extensive range of archery games if you want to stick with this medieval weapon Features

14 unique maps featuring castles, forts, alleys, towers, and more
Protect and capture the flag while firing arrows at your opponents
Invite your friends to join in the fun with a simple invite code
Create fresh looks using the extensive character customization

Narrow. one was made by pelican party studios - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop


WASD or arrow keys = move
Space = jump
Left mouse button = shoot.