Rating : 8.6

mineclicker is a non-ending clicker game in the minecraft universe use the mouse to kill the mobs and mine blocks earn xp and gather stones to buy various upgrades and hire recruits to make idling easier Fight various MineClicker mobs
Slay Minecraft mob characters one by one to earn experience points. you can spend these shiny points on new recruits and upgrades for existing personnel each hire has mob and block dps stats which allow you to destroy things faster These get much higher on recruits later in the game when the difficulty increases. buy a weapon to defeat the mobsin the weapon upgrades screen you can buy and upgrade your weapons Just like Minecraft there is a progression to stronger gear, starting with your hands and wooden implements. you buy a weapon using stone pieces that you earn by destroying blocks Level up to earn more
As you go further in MineClicker, the mobs and blocks will level up. you can level up by beating boss levels where the boss has a timer if you can't kill them in time their health will be reset if you want to move up the ranks you can choose which level you want to stick with until it's time leveling up means more cash per block destroyed or mob member killed but as with all clicker games the cost of new items also increases Features

70 levels with 14 boss levels
32 mobs to slay
40 blocks to mine
14 locations

Release Date
May 2019 (WebGL). it was updated since november 2020 to use unity 2020 and is also playable on mobile browsers developer dimofan developed this game Platforms

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Left mouse click to hit mobs and cubes.