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Lordz. io is a multiplayer survival game based in a medieval environment from the start you must build your own small empire by collecting gold and building your base create a number of military units and prepare your defenses there's other lords to fight How to Play Lordz. there are several buildings you can use to expand your power build mage towers and introduce your enemies to the magic of mages Expand your little kingdom with houses for soldiers, knights, archers, and more powerful units. you need defenses if you want to maintain your base standing so make sure you build plenty of castle walls to keep enemy lords at bay and protect your assets earn the currencya key part of the game is the earning of the gold you can do this manually by collecting coins but when you want to become a wealthy lord you have to build gold mines on the deposits if you want you can buy all the flashy stuff like fire-breathing dragons Like other buildings, your gold mines can be upgraded with gold. upgraded structures offer greater capacity or output of production you should keep highly upgraded buildings under close guard battle lordsyou can attack other lords directly if you feel brave in addition it's highly profitable to destroy and loot their buildings when they're away on business it's possible to take down enemy gold mines for large rewards if you're sneaky afterwards you can use the currency to splash out on some dragons more gamesif you enjoy these survival games top-down there's plenty more to check out BuildRoyale. in the same way the io game has more emphasis on the survival and crafting elements take a look at our website io games collection for more. Release Date
November 2017
Lordz. io is developed by Spinbot Studio from Paris

Build vast and powerful armies
Collect and mine gold to rapidly expand your empire
Attack other lords and loot their bases
Upgrade structures to secure your power


Desktop browser

mouse controls move your mouse to control the lord e to build a house r to build tower t to summon a soldier y to summon a knight u to summon an archer i to summon a dragon