Rating : 9

crush grindcraft is a clicker game with a minecraft theme that focuses on crafting collect different raw materials and climb the crafting ladder to create stronger items hover over the craftable items to reveal the resources required to create craft create and automateharvest resourcesgrindcraft strips away the 3d world so that you can focus on the crafting element of minecraft with your fists you can beat down trees for wood and start collecting resources just like in the survival mode of minecraft from there you can craft enough wood to build wooden tools like axes and spades that make collecting resources easier the rest is history there's four click boxes These are overworld, mine, food, and mobs. the variety you can harvest here depends on the gear you have currently so for example lava doesn't show up if you don't have a bucket to collect it from this will show raw mineable resources here at frequencies depending on their rarity hire villagers to work for you once you have the resources to build a village you can create villagers to dramatically speed up the output by automating your operation check out grindcraft remastered for an updated version of grindcraft there are many more games like this in the sections minecraft and idle check out the mine blocks and the paper minecraft If you just want the addictive idle gameplay, try Candy Clicker 2, MineClicker, and Clicker Heroes. Features

Fast clicker-style gameplay
Craft various items from Minecraft
Build a village featuring various workers to automate resource collection
Sit back and watch your GrindCraft society grow. developergrindcraft was developed by playsaurus Release Date
May 2015
Web browser (including mobile web browsers).

use your mouse to play this game