Fish Merge FRVR

Rating : 8.8

a clicker that is both addictive and fun once you get used to it The game revolves around feeding and merging fish to get better fish that'll net you more gold. you're going to start with a few empty fish bowls and dropping in fish feed will attract the basic fish so if you have 2 of the same type of fish you can combine them to create a better fish as you go you'll keep repeating this to unlock the higher tier fish there are a couple of things that will help make things easier along the way as well as a shop to get better fish instantly and a roulette that will give you high-tier fish every 3 minutes are you ready to be the best fish collector? If so, get your feed ready and jump in on Fish Merge FRVR. this game was developed by developer chris benjaminsen - platformweb browser for mobile and desktop

Just tap/click the fish feed to automatically feed an empty tank. once you have enough fish you can merge them by tappingclicking and dragging the fish from one bowl to another Tips
Don't forget to collect your gold from achievements (the trophy icon on the lower left of the screen) as this doesn't stack retroactively, meaning if you pass the required number to get an achievement, it'll get stuck there until you collect it, wasting any other actions that could've been added to it.