Enchanted Heroes

Rating : 9.1

this is an incremental fun game with idle elements you control a brave hero and you must destroy a never ending wave of monsters and magical creatures your character attacks automatically but you can also attack creatures to destroy them faster when you kill a creature you get a coin which can be used to purchase a variety of upgrades to improve your stats and damage in three categories hero skills and upgrades are divided into three categories Hero upgrades improve your characters damage, HP, attack speed and health regeneration. enhancement of skills allows you to perform various special attacks that deal more damage upgrades also increase the rate at which you do damage and heal per click you can fight larger creatures that give you more rewards per kill as your character becomes stronger and stronger this game has great playability and it even plays for you if you have to leave the screen enter the magical world today and build your own warrior enthusiastenchanted heroes is a game developed by yyz productions the platformweb browser

Left click to play.