Drift Hunters

Rating : 9.3

it is a free 3d drifting game with an excellent selection of tracks and plenty of tuned cars Pick your motor, tune it, then rev your engine and drift the turns in one of 10 unique locations. reviewdrift hunters has a smooth arcade-racing feel but isn't restricted to a racing format instead you can blaze your own trail in several locations collecting points to buy new cars and upgrades the graphics for the web are great though but you can play the game without a hiccup on low-spec devices a must-play for drifters editor of crazygames show how long you can keep drifting the longer you drift the more your multiplier increases you can also use the points to buy exotic motors like the porsche 911 gt there are 26 fully customizable cars to buy in total Tuning
Every car you buy can be fully tuned — turbo, brake balance, front camber, rear offset, and more. to find the best tuning for your drift performance you can fully modify these values there's also a way to improve performance The brakes, weight, gearbox, turbo, and engine can all be upgraded with superior parts. you can finish your car in any color and enjoy a selection of rims at the house Drift Hunters Cars

Toyota Supra
Honda S2000
Ford Fiesta ST
Nissan 370Z coupe
Dodge Challenger Hellcat
Nissan GTR
Porsche 911 GT
And 18 more cars. Drift Hunters Tips

Use acceleration cautiously when approaching corners mid-drift
Drift from side-to-side on straight roads to keep the drift alive
Tune-up your vehicles to find the sweet spot for maximum drift
Drive on maps with plenty of space for long, uninterrupted drifting

Best Tracks for Drifting
Some tracks provide a much easier opportunity for you to keep drifting than others. the best tracks for drifting in drift hunter 2 are emashi and forest because of their long corners and lack of too many sharp turns the forest track has the longest corners for the longest drifts More High-Octane Car Games
Driving games are super addictive when they're good. especially when you can play them in your web browser for free no download Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is another 3D car game with several speedy cars to drive around. speed racing pro 2 has more focus on raw speed look at our drifting games and car games for more information Features

26 fully customizable cars to drift around the tracks
10 unique locations including racetracks and city streets
Detailed car tuning lets you modify all aspects of your vehicle
Browser-based game with excellent adjustable 3D graphics

Drift Hunters can be played in your web browser for free using full screen, theatre, or regular mode. on mobile devices android and ios you can also play developerthe game is made by ilya kaminetsky studionum43 it's possible to support this game


Use the WASD or arrows keys to steer the car
Use the space as the handbrake
Use C to change the camera position
Use left shift to shift up gears
Use left Ctrl to shift down gears.