Doge Miner

Rating : 9.4

this is an awesome incremental game featuring everyone's favorite shibe inu dog inspired by cookie clicker this is an idle game where the goal of the game is to click your way to the moon for the sequel see doge miner 2 How to Play
Take a one-way ticket to the moon
Do you want to take Dogecoin to the moon. then go mining Use your Doge companions to mine Dogecoin and purchase various upgrades in the store. Your objective is to get to the moon, which costs a cool 50-thousand Doge. who knows where you could go from there Prove that it’s more than a meme coin
You can enlist the help of kennels filled with Shibe Inus, slave kittens that post dank memes to earn coin, and much more. Each upgrade will increase the output of Dogecoin until you’re rolling in riches. Much wow, many coin. upgrade your mining rig there are also upgrades and achievements to make you feel like an accomplished doge enthusiast improve your pickaxe for more mining power and check your achievements casually if you want to become a crypto billionaire you just need a few clicks of your mouse there are hundreds of more clicker games to play on crazygames there are also idling games among other popular clicker games with fun characters and prominent memes are capybara clicker 2 and planet clicker 2 developer the game is made by rkn release date september 2014platforms web browser android

Click, click, click.