Dino Park

Rating : 8.4

it is a primeval management game for the zoo they finally brought dinos to life now for a clever business person like yourself to turn this treasure of prehistoric animals into a dinosaur zoo the little dinosaurs in dinosaur park primeval zoo hatch from their eggs and begin exploring their surroundings immediately So make sure to build appropriate enclosures and equip them with food troughs, water, and play equipment as soon as possible. have fun and take care of your dinosaurs because a happy dinosaur is a harmless one what can you do with this dinosaur game? • Breed dinosaurs from all eras
• Supply prehistoric animals with food and water and get them to play
• Decorate your park according to your own designs
• Set up shops for your visitors
• Hire employees to help you with day-to-day business

Experience Dinosaurs Up Close
A myriad of tiny details in the dinos’ animations are sure to charm and surprise you: the prehistoric animals also react to everything you do. fill their troughs and watch them come and dig Play equipment will likewise animate them to interact with it. in every enclosure type there are unique objects that correspond to the individual play behavior of a given dinosaur species the triceratops will enjoy playing with a stone and sand pit while the velociraptor can have tons of fun spinning and nudging a wooden tree undisputed king of the prehistoric monsters the t-rex also appears in this tycoon game make sure there's plenty of room for it and make sure it has a watering hole in its enclosure they are a visitor magnet all on their own but you have many other ways to attract more visitors in the past the breeding of prehistoric animals allowed you to get baby dinos that are particularly popular with visitors snack shacks and souvenir shops will brighten your dino park even more and also provide a steady stream of income don't forget to keep your registers ringing so you have enough cash for new investments you want to keep growing your dino zoo game and become a smashing jurassic highlight Release Date
April 2022
Dino Park is made by Upjers. the platformweb browser

Mouse and Keyboard.