Derby Crash 2

Rating : 9.3

Derby Crash 2 is an amazing 3D car driving game. if you have loved the original derby crash then you'll also enjoy this excellent sequel In game number 2, you jump into a myriad of new destruction derby cars and monster trucks to unleash damage and mayhem in an open world
You are not limited to race tracks; instead, you can roam through vast deserts and explore in your demolition derbies vehicle. as car games go the 3d graphics of this game are amazing - you feel immersed in the game as you drive through the beautiful landscapes the myriad of vehicles you can choose from makes this title so fun A game inspired by destruction, of course, has some epic vehicles to jump into. it's possible to drive a wide range of beautiful sports vehicles in other cases you can jump into a massive tank with this tank you can blast away enemies in a hail of destruction with a working turret and cannon it builds on what made the first game fun and adds more features such as 2 player multiplayer action never forget to unleash as much destruction as possible and try to destroy the opposing drivers june 2019 release exclusively on crazygames com. Developer
Derby Crash 2 was made by Roberto Mulas (Ciorbyn), who also made other popular titles, such as SCAR. the platformweb browser

Driving Controls

WASD or arrow = drive
Space bar = handbrake
C = change vehicle camera
Enter = reset vehicles
R = repair vehicles

Terraform Controls

WASD = move Camera
Left Mouse Button (hold) + mouse axis = rotate camera
Left Mouse Button (hold) = drag terraformer shape
1 to 5 Key = modify terrain.