Crazy Drift

Rating : 9.2

in crazy drift you drift around tracks to score a high score There are various tracks, playgrounds, and stunt tracks to drift around. play with other players in multiplayer mode ready to play the ultimate drift game? How to Play
Select your car and choose from a range of tracks. each type of driving environment has different locations to choose from it is possible to play on famous race tracks playgrounds and stunt tracks build a point system by doing the longest drifts possible when you finish the game you earn 10 of your total points to upgrade your purchased vehicles and buy new ones there are plenty of customization options to make an epic drifting car for you for more fun drifting in new locations check out crazy drift's other popular drifting games like drift hunters list of features drift corners to earn points play on a range of tracks and types join other players in online multiplayer modify and buy new carsrelease datejune 2022platformweb browser


WASD / arrow keys = drive
Space = handbrake
G = Slow-motion
L / K = headlights
Q / E / Z = indicators
H = horn
C = change camera view
B = look back
Shift / Ctrl = shift gear manually.