Cookie Clicker

Rating : 9

Bake millions of delicious cookies in Cookie Clicker game. cookie - clicker is an amazing idle clicker game with a baking theme bake by clicking on the big cookie use collected cookies to purchase upgrades which gives you more cookies you know what i mean use the giant cookie to create cookies and each time you click on a cookie you will generate another cookie as your number of cookies increases you can buy upgrades and a workforce to start with your fingers will take a hammer - you have to click continuously to generate cookies and revenue with time you can however buy automatic upgrades by doing so you can stop clicking and watch the game do its work for you There are two categories of upgrades – Buildings and Upgrades. in the building section there are various items that automatically create cookies such as a cursor and grandma it increases incrementally the cost of these buildings updates contains upgrades to increase your click rate and the number of cookies you generate per click you can create thousands of cookies in no time and your popularity will grow if you want to build a cookie empire and sell your products to millions of people can you do so? this incremental game will have you hooked the idling game mechanics are easy to understand users can also leave the game running and come back to find their baking operation still running Features

Idle clicking gameplay
Fantastic range of upgrades and research
Funny phrases and humorous gameplay

Cookie Clicker is produced by Ortiel who is a French programmer and web designer who creates various other games and toys.

controllable left click to interact with menu items left click on the giant cookie to create cookies