Car Crash Simulator Royale

Rating : 9.1

the car crash simulator royale is a 3d game based on the car crash derby This game is a mix between a crash simulator style engine, fast-paced action, demolition derby, and car war games
Crash and wreck all the cars. Drive fast to survive. Do maximum crash damage possible, earn cash and unlock crazy stuff like monster trucks and tanks. sounds like a fun thing you can try the derby crash amp demolition simulator and see how you like to make extreme destruction in fun little car derby wars Don't EVER even think about doing this in real life. Play this simulator game instead :)

Explore many crash simulator modes, including tank and mech
Intense high speed crashing action
Real-time car destruction and damage deformation + crash physics engine
Choose between many high end cars
Customize and improve your car by upgrades and tuning
Incredible visuals and great performance on a wide range of devices
Realistic car wreckage and debris simulation

Release Date

April 2016 (iOS)
January 2016 (Android)
March 2020 (WebGL)

Car Crash Simulator Royale was developed by Kiqqi Games. Platforms

Web browser


arrow keys or WASD to drive
left or right SHIFT for nitro
left or right CTRL for shooting (tank & mech)
R to reset vehicle
C to change camera.