Stein (

Rating : 8.5

a great mmo title with retro pixelated graphics fun strategic rpg gameplay and a great story your character lives in stein's world and he has lost his precious family heirloom after a heavy night in the bar you have to help him retrace his steps find clues and work his way through the world and try to recover the stein in order to become stronger you must complete a variety of different quests and explore dangerous caves caverns and landscapes use the wasd keys to move your character use the left mouse button to attack and the e key to interact with objects This game is a refreshing new title and has a great deal of playability – enter the world of Stein today. Release Date
March 2018

pg5-Studio made Stein. Features

A nice MMO game with RPG element
Beautiful 2D graphics
Big world to explore
Equip your character with various gears to make him stronger
Quests to do around the area
Wave dungeon to beat and compete against other players worldwide

This game is a web browser game. currently the current version is alpha but all of your progress is saved and can be continued with it


WASD to control the character
Left click to attack
E to interact
M to open world map
O to access option.