Minecraft Classic

Rating : 8.6

this is an online version of the famous open world sandbox building game minecraft classic it was released by mojang for its 10th anniversary as a remake of the original minecraft players can create in creative mode using 32 available blocks play with up to 8 friends in a multiplayer mode minecraft was released on 17 may 2009 for the first time to the public it is published today in the exact state of its initial release so there are only 32 blocks you can build and all the original bugs are there the latest version can be a shock to see how the game has evolved To quote Tom Stone from Mojang "With just 32 blocks to build with, all the original bugs, and an (inter)face only a mother could love, Minecraft 2009 is even more glorious than we remembered. classic version was the first development stage in which some of its versions were released to the public it was originally dubbed minecraft alpha the version before all updates and expansions you only have 32 blocks to start with so your building capacity will be limited the version does not have a monster or a enemy so if you're going to be home before the dark there's no need to worry sand blocks were rare and only appeared in one-block-thick beaches in the old days hence don't waste your blocks of sand in the classic version the arms of the character fly wildly when walking it's a little funny the minecraft game is one of the most popular video games of all time since its first release in 2006 in the google play store and apple store it is one of the top mobile games a whole new category of games was created The game was bought in 2014 by Microsoft for 2. billions of dollars the re-release of minecraft classic has given the game a re-birth creative mode allows players to build whatever they want it could be a castle with a moat and a functioning drawbridge maybe a huge city with skyscrapers and public parks the possibilities are endless and the game has a great longevity it has become even more popular thanks to well-known youtubers such as pewdiepie and lazarbeam creating classic minecraft content these videos attract millions of views and help players learn about the game why not jump into creative mode and try this classic? Release Date
May 2019
This game is made by Mojang, a Swedish game developer studio based in Stockholm. features free online multiplayer version of the classic minecraft three world sizes various block options fullscreen mode availableplatforms web browser android ios


WASD to move
Left-click to destroy / place blocks
Right-click to toggle build mode
Number keys to choose blocks
Enter to save the position
R to load the position
B to open blocks menu
T to chat
F to toggle fog.