Escape or Die

Rating : 8.1

escape or die is a puzzle escape room game before the bomb explodes you have 10 minutes to evacuate you have a slim chance of survival but if you think fast you might 'how to playescape or die' features a sci-fi theme and similar imagery to squid game and the classic keep talking and nobody explodes vr game you're stuck in a room and you have 4 minutes to get out before the bomb explodes the escape room has deep layers of puzzles so you have to think fast and use your intuition Click around to find clues, keys, and other valuable items to help you get out. you should be observing your surroundings closely and move fast More Games Like This
If you’re a fan of puzzling escape challenges, browse our escape games for more. games like computer office escape game cafe escape and space museum escape also feature similar titles featured 10 minutes to escape or die great solo escape game a plethora of clever puzzles intense synth musicrelease date october 2021developerescape or die is developed by isotronic browser android

Left-click to interact with the room's objects.