Draw Story

Rating : 7.5

'draw story' is a platformer where you control the world you're treading on you are a bored student in class and use your imagination to keep yourself entertained using your art draw platforms you can walk on depending on the situation and defeat enemies along the path you need some logic to go through the game as different situations require different drawings for example when there is a platform you can39t reach you can create a box you can jump on to get higher this is a huge gap you have to bridge use a platform that stays in the air so it doesn't fall and you can jump over it you can use floating platforms if there is a gap with water use each tool wisely and you will be able to overcome all obstacles as well as boredom the platformweb browser


A / Left arrow key = Walk left
D / Right arrow key = Walk right
W / Up arrow key = Jump
S / Down arrow key = Crouch
1, 2, 3, 4 / Mouse Wheel = Change item
Mouse cursor = Aim
Left Mouse button = Use item.