Dog Simulator: Puppy Craft

Rating : 9.3

puppy craft is a fun 3d simulation game in which you control a cute puppy your dog is cute but is very naughty and wants to cause trouble you will have to help him to complete various tasks and disobey the owners you must follow the various tasks and instructions given and complete as many tasks as possible in the time allotted tasks include scratching carpets destroying household objects and generally creating chaos the coins you earn for each task you complete are used to buy new and cuter puppies and also an awesome dog house for your puppy to play in give me a bit of chaos today and jump into puppy craft its initial release date is february 2016 as mobile apps and can be played online in the web browser since december 2017 the game was updated on april 2018 puppy craft was developed by hgames Features

Realistic 3D graphics
Many maps to be played
Many cute puppies
Several tasks to be completed in each map

Web browser


WASD or arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump.