Dog Simulator 3D

Rating : 9

this is a super cute adventure game in which you play as a lovable dog have fun with the eyes of your best friend experience a life of an animal as you face the dangers of the wilderness and must hunt animals to increase your level of proficiency As you play, you get the opportunity to live a happy dog life as you can raise your pack of dogs from pups. explore or spend time completing tasks and challenges to give your game a reason we all wondered what it must be like to be a dog Have fun. specify your companion and help them exploreat the start of this 3d simulation game choose your dog's name and gender once done you can start to explore Make sure you do the following in order to succeed:

Eat food to keep energy levels up
Keep an eye on your health and energy bar when fighting
Use the minimap to look for new tasks and objectives
Interact with other animals and humans

There is so much to do in this fun game - you can be entertained for hours and try to build up a strong dog with an awesome family. there are tasks to be completed both by humans and animals one of the first tasks for example is to defend the village by fending off wild boars this world is a big place and you can explore it fully as a dog you can only run for a certain amount of time when your stamina is exhausted the energy bar will regenerate if you simply walk around watch dog simulator 3d today to see if you can live a successful and happy life Release Date
October 2018 (Android). november 2018 webgl developerdog simulator 3d was created by cybergoldfinch featuresdaniel simulator 3d is a web browser game it's also available as an android application


WASD or arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump
Shift to run.