Kitty Cats

Rating : 8.9

kitty cats is a simulation game in which you play pet and dress up a collection of cute cats How to Play
Read your kitten’s mind
Each kitten has a mind of its own. you can see what your pet wants in a big bubble above their head 'watch them and have fun there's a way to play with toys and watch the cat have fun if the kitten deserves a treat you can make their day extra special by feeding them a delicious biscuit when you have explored all the amazing things you and your cat can do it's time to go to the dressing room you can dress them up in various cute outfits and take a picture here Features

Six cute kitties to play with
Match your kitten’s needs
Play and feed them delicious treats
Various adorable outfits to wear

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[LMB] / [tap] = activate buttons, items, and toys
Hold [LMB] / [touch] = pet your cat.